Tuesday, 18 March 2008

the ditherer - a tale of prevarication

lots to report from rainy city this week and indeed over the past few weeks, but as usual my feeble mind takes some revving up - after all i am 146 and not as quick as i was as a girl!

as usual whilst researching and compiling some thoughts about these cultural wanderings across the metropolis, i got sidetracked by all sorts of interesting titbits out in blogland and deep in facebook groupworld...as a consequence i have added a couple of new (to me) blogs which celebrate and continue the tradition of bluestockings, but with a modern twist.

http://www.faculty.umb.edu/elizabeth_fay/archive2.html - this virtual 'salon' is a veritable treasure trove of bluestocking history, somewhat academic but hey when has that troubled our fertile minds?? then there's the self confessed misanthropist and dilettante clio bluestocking, http://cliobluestockingtales.blogspot.com/. finally for a modern idiosyncratic take, there is the intriguing bad girl blog, http://mybadgirlblog.blogspot.com/2006/08/isabelle-eberhardt-heroic-muslim-male.html...

last week i joined the throngs piling into bodyworlds at the museum of science and industry and have mixed thoughts about the whole project of the suitably dastardly looking von hagen and his plastination and display of cadavers in everyday poses....http://www.mosi.org.uk/about-us/news/body-worlds-4

on friday i joined some young artist chums on the first leg of their habitual weekly art crawls...it seems there is nearly always an art show preview on friday night somewhere in the city. last friday it was alchemy at the manchester museum, one of my favourite haunts, plus the fine cube, home to exhibitions and research on all things urban, architectural and the built environment generally, truly an inspiring insitution - with a fabulous riba bookshop on site too! http://www.cube.org.uk/exhibitions/detail.asp?id=175

apartment is busy preparing for its next show this thursday 20 march, clown crash, a performance and exhibition by dirty honky, the pig nosed clown; http://apartmentmanchester.blogspot.com/2008/03/clown-crash-dirty-honky.html, which promises to be unmissable...

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