Wednesday, 30 April 2008

the clamour for culture...

lately, as both real life and virtual facebook friends can attest, there have been reams of competing commitments on my time and energies. thankfully i have a gap for a couple of days in which to reflect and prepare for a jam packed couple of months!!

for the past few weeks i have been helping my good friends chris buckley, paul harfleet and maureen ward with their proposal for TRIP, the rather exciting conference and weekend of happenings, interventions and psychogeography being held across manchester between 19 - 21 june. TRIP stands for territories reimagined: international perspectives and programme details, updates and interesting links to fringe activities around the city can be found on their blogsite - dont miss it; come along and see the radical city lurking and even thriving under the spectacularised hall of mirrors shimmering on the surface. i shall keep you updated on talks, walks and activities planned by the pansy project gang...

things under the surface reminds me of a recent event i was turned away from at the city library last friday 25 april. it seems most of the citizens of manchester flocked to the intriguingly titled talk underground manchester - secrets of the city revealed. most of you, myself and old friend mr stillingfleet included, casually wandered into the library at the last minute, foolishly expecting to be the only boffins curious enough to have noticed the modest postcard advertising the event. imagine our consternation at the vast throng of similar minds excitedly snaking their way along the lengthy corridor of the 2nd floor, spilling right down to the staircase - it was i imagine something like the atmosphere at the doors of a pop concert or gig as i believe you call them in the vernacular! further enquiries have revealed that the talk proved so popular that a new and larger venue is being planned and as soon as i have details of time and place i shall let you know.

the library website gives details of the talk and will post the new date, so here's a link to whet your appetite: - who knows i might see you there?!

another exciting development is the imminent artstranpennine08 show curated by the apartment duo, hilary and paul. as writer in residence, i have been privy to much of the backstage organising and research involved, and as usual am finding the processes and conceptual framework behind the curating of a large scale cross regional event of this kind both fascinating and daunting. art projects and exhibition proposals are beginning to flood in to apartment hq and a look on their blogsite gives an indication of the response so far. deadline for submission of proposals is 16 may so follow this link for details and updates: it has lots of information and links to events and artists involved, which will continue to be updated, so its well worth favouriting this site. it looks lovely too! facebookers can also become friends of apt08 to recieve regular news.

my own proposal for a modest inclusion into the show is well on its way so expect to see a nervous miss niblock included in the programme of events. i am busy researching an idea and can currently be found lurking around the local history section of various libraries or on foot along the canalways...keep you posted!

my inbox has been bursting at the seams lately with invitations to previews and private views. last week i attended the lindow man private view, presided over by tv archaeologist julian richards of meet the ancestors fame, who gave a most interesting opening speech, popped into the preview of dave gledhills latest show in a great temporary space beneath piccadilly plaza, and attended the opening day of urbis' latest offering, urban gardening. i'm quite exhausted...nonetheless, the lure of more exciting cultural events is ever tempting.

tomorrow sees cube hosting a futuresonic event from 6pm the exhibition focuses on presenting social and participatory artworks in unexpected city spaces and includes simon yuill 'the free social foundations project' - a map will be displayed in the gallery as well as made available online and distributed freely across Manchester.

cube keep up the pressure with the architecture design awards the very next day, thursday 1 may from 4 - 9pm. jack hale you must be crazy...!!!

sunday is also a busy day for culture vultures in two cities requiring a trip across the river to salford - be adventurous and pop along to art and summat else, the monthly art quiz at the BP behind the sadly deceased hacienda, 6- 9pm. then nip over the irwell to hear and see the totally marvellous lonelady - a brunswick bluestocking and friend, so i'm biased, but you wont regret it....

finally, plan ahead and book a place for the heretic clubs latest critical debate. in their own words - bringing nonconformist ideas back to manchester, the Heretic Club launches a new series of critical debates that challenges cultural dogma. in this session we will ask, can protest art really change society or are artists just flattering themselves? recently, Mark Wallinger recreated a protester's banners and slogans in tate britain and cornelia parker concerns herself with environmentalism, what difference do these artists make?
presented by castlefield gallery but held at the contact, booking is recommended,


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