Sunday, 15 June 2008

artranspennine launch night at manchester's international 3

it’s been a hectic couple of weeks for apartment, the brunswick bluestockings and myself. we each appear to be packing a few months worth of projects into the next 3 weeks…

barely unpacked from our icelandic adventures we have variously been ridiculously busy guiding a group of artist/curators around the berlin art scene and biennale, curating the final stages of the forthcoming artranspennine exhibition, organising an archaeological dig and local history project for a nearby junior school, preparing a psychogeographical walk and writing a paper for next week’s TRIP conference on the pansy project as a de certeauian practice of everyday life, and planning a paper / panel discussion for the intersections conference on 7 july in leeds

hopefully we will manage to do justice to all these commitments. hilary and paul have certainly kicked off the challenge with stalwart work in berlin and a fantastic response to artranspennine08

fresh and grubby from my school dig i managed to get to friday’s preview at the international3 and added my rather too wordy pamphlet to the growing pile of artist’s flyers and ephemera on the table. looking round the gallery i stopped to admire the pencil drawing of the pennine way emblazoned across the whole of one wall rapidly being filled in by participants and was once again struck by the elegant beauty and simplicity of atp08 as a concept.

atp's brief physical incarnation this weekend has been an opportunity to inaugurate and celebrate the exhibition and unite the 60+ simultaneous but locationally separated artworks - a temporary embodiment of its transformed landscape - whilst the projection of the interactive atp08 blog across the opposite wall became a vivid visualisation of the potential and impact of this truly viral experience. from its beginnings as a muscular showcase for regional art institutions, heavily reliant on public funding, artranspennine 08 has transcended gallery dependency and embedded itself into the 'contemporary', the material and metaphorical topography of today's world, requiring only the goodwill, energy and ingenuity of the artistic community to make work that reflects and responds to the everyday and the extraordinary with its myriad challenges and possibilities.

back at the display table i had a little chat with the exhausted duo about the magnitude of the responsibility ahead as it begins to sink in that more than 60 artists have submitted projects and interventions in locations as far apart as liverpool, sheffield and hull, and that the task of processing, publicising and liaising has another 6 weeks to go!

visit atp08 for constant updates, artists of the week and news and reviews as the exhibition unfolds:

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