Friday, 5 September 2008

loitering with intent - to make manchester wonderful!

don’t let the dismal weather get you down this weekend. why not venture out and indulge in a little subversion? tonight's posting is dedicated to the maverick marvellousness that is the lrm.

anarchists, mavericks and merrymakers, they are everything i'm not - energetic, prolific, optimistic, proving once again that action speaks louder than words and that so much can be accomplished by just getting on with it!

not only do they organise the beautiful and mischievous get lost festival but they produce a fascinating blog exposing and in fact creating a wondrous manchester bursting out from under the blandness of the commercial surface, plus hold monthly wanderings, get togethers and explorations of the city on the first sunday of the month that welcome all and any. their 'collective', though i expect they would deny any such nomenclature, are also actively involved in all sorts of other diy excitements that delight in public play and participation.

september first sunday is this sunday the 7th, starting in cafe pop (oldham st) and hosting a walk focused around the cctv cameras which guard the people’s republic of mancunia. as lrm ponder on their invitation to play along 'who is watching us and why? let’s have some fun and spot the undiscovered wonders on our streets.'

but wait, if you do pop along to pop, just what can you expect to be letting yourself in for??? here’s their manifesto - though its much less pompous sounding than that in these endearing, humorous words,

The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) is a Manchester based collective of artists and activists interested in psychogeography. We can’t agree on what that means but we all like plants growing out of the side of buildings, urban exploration, drinking tea and getting lost. Gentrification, advertising and blandness make us sad. We believe there is magic in the mancunian rain. Our city is wonderful and made for more than shopping. We want to reclaim it for play and revolutionary fun….

come on, who can argue with that - their invitation to join in, get outside and reclaim the city is infectious. for details and a good read click on to their blogsite.

even better pop along…after all there is magic in the mancunian rain...


Seán said...

An excellent exposé of these anarchist radicals!

Hopefully we'll see you there!


morag said...

aw, this has made my day - i've had a pretty shitty few days and really not sure i wanted to venture out into town - but now i can;t wait to see my friends and fellow loiterers and play CCTV bingo!