Monday, 3 November 2008

friendly faces

today i opened my diary to find a couple of pleasant surprises!

a widget has appeared proclaiming that a kind soul has 'followed' my ramblings on these lovely!

of course they may simply have looked at it and moved away quickly in horror or boredom but some trace of them has survived to which the lovely people at blogger have alerted me, so i have added this new fangled device in an effort to keep up with the times and improvements in technology.

anyhoo the beautifully entitled is there anything wrong with plastic rosaries is the kind inquisitive soul in question - so hello out there bethan and thank you for reading even once...

peculiarly its not a blog i have come across so far so this is a splendid and exciting bonus. theres the piquancy of eavesdropping, the thrill of pseudo-voyeurism, the pretence of opening a private journal or manuscript. i now know that bethan loves jonathan creek, catholic iconography, lives in manchester and attends university whilst writing her blogs and for various publications. i already want to read more about her views and the manchester she inhabits and i suppose mentally i have added her to a growing coterie of marvellous females that i consider to be modern bluestockings and for whom i feel a cyber fondness....find out more about her at is there anything wrong with plastic rosaries.

sometimes i feel as if i come from another planet when trying to navigate my way across blogworld and facebook, meeting kindred spirits and gaining access to fresh ideas and new perspectives from the comfort of my laptop...and then i remember that its just that i come from another century!!!!

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