Thursday, 19 November 2009

manchester modernist society feature in Urbis Research Forum Review Vol 1!

a proud moment for the manchester modernist society....

back in august we collaborated with dr julian holloway and dr steve millington on The Alchemy of Concrete, a walking tour of the mancunian way followed by a public seminar at urbis.
the first issue of the Urbis Research Forum Review is now available to download from the urbis website. the review is the online publication of the Urbis Research Forum and this first issue features articles by julian holloway and our very own maureen ward.

the articles are based on the presentations given during the 'Mancunian Way: The Alchemy of Concrete' panel discussion held on 26 August, 2009. in the review julian and maureen explore the layered experience of the mancunian way – manchester’s elevated post-war motorway – and its impact on the places and people of the city.
Download the Review here for two very different but complimentary ways to rethink and reconsider the urban dragon and brunswick monolith that is the flyover....

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